Measure a head!

I’m gathering some data for a book project I’m currently working on and I’m hoping to get enough info to provide a super-useful sizing chart for hat design.

Please grab a tape measure take a few minutes to FILL OUT THIS SURVEY on hat sizing. Even better, take your tape measure to your kids, your friends, your kids’ friends…you get the idea. The more the merrier!

Incentive: I will draw 2 winners to each receive a copy of the book project when its finished (expected, end of May/early June) AND I’ll select FIVE more participants to each receive a free pattern PDF of their choice.

Please, please, PLEASE help me to get responses to this survey. Use this link: to post on your FB or twitter (or you can just link to this blog post). The more responses, the better for any or all of us who have ever or want to ever design a hat :) I’ve got some interesting measurements that, as far as I know, aren’t reported anywhere!

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9 responses to “Measure a head!

  1. Carrie

    Hi! I took the survey for my 2 yo and can’t go back and take it for the rest of the family. Should I have put everyone’s measurements in one survey?

  2. Alice

    Well I measured……and I do believe I have a weird head now……or just an over sized Texas GramMa…

  3. Mandi Yelland

    Kate I did mine when you first posted this and I just did my 3 kid’s measurements. A 17 year old and almost 5 year old twins who are VERY different in size! My husband has no interest in letting me measure him as he watching hocky playoffs on his only day off this week. Hope the info I gave you helps!

  4. susan

    not sure if it is too late for this survey.. but anything for a drawing! And I did buy your book this weekend at AGY in Sarastoa

  5. siddy fox

    I noticed that your largest circumference is 24″.

    Does that make me, my 50 yo son, and my 8 yo grandson giant melon heads ?

    My son is 6′ 4″, but I am only 5’11”, and gs is 5’1″ My d-in-law is 6’1″ and 10 yo gd is 5’3″, but their heads are only 23, even though they are very tall.

    Is height unrelated to head circumference, oy is maybe childhood milk intake a factor?

    1. Kate

      I can’t speak about height and head circumference being related, I simply have no idea! These circumferences are averages based on World Health organization data.


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