the Shortest Pattern ever (and a winner)

During my New York trip last month, I picked up a really neat skein of yarn at Purl Soho.  It was Knit Collage’s Pixie Dust. I pretty much wore the skein around like a necklace during the entire store visit. Thus there was no real hesitation on what to do with it!  So I purchased humongous and sparkly Skacel Addi Turbo size 36 circular needles, sat down in the store and whipped this up in about half an hour.

Here’s my Pixie Necklace

I used a single skein and had just a few inches left over.  When your yarn is this fun, there is no need to do something fancy with it!

Using circular needles, CO 48 sts. (I prefer the long-tail method normally, but for this yarn I just did the backwards loop)
Place marker and join to work in the round.
Knit 4 rounds.
BO all stitches.

I didn’t block my necklace and I prefer to wear it looped.  After I wore it the first time it stretched out a TON lengthwise so just know that it will get longer than it looks when you finish.  Of course you could cast on fewer stitches and make it thicker and shorter too.

Here are all the Pixie Necklaces that were made during our trip, one for each of us :)

So there you have it, one of the fastest knits you’ll ever undertake!  A few other yarns I think would work up pretty splendidly (though the gauges are going to make them all look very differnet!) are Knit Collage Handspun, Ginga Squid Anemone HandspunBohoKnitterChic Spins Thick and Thin Super BulkyHabu Thick & Thin, Malabrigo AquarellaOzark Handspun Opulent II, Bare Sheep Yarn Company Bulky BettyNeighborhood Fiber Company Victorian Bulky.

Hope you think this little pattern is fun. And thanks to Purl Soho for showing this Southern Gal some NY hospitality.




Oh yeah and ahem.  Hillary/foospider….congrats YOU WIN!  Drop me an e-mail, kate at tottoppers dot com with your mailing address and I’ll get your Skacel Simplicity prize package to you asap.

9 responses to “the Shortest Pattern ever (and a winner)

  1. Famah

    The needle size on this pattern is not making sense to me. Can you clarify? US ? and the circular in inches? I am guessing it is US 19 and 32″ circular but want to make sure so I have enough yarn with the one skein. Please advise. Thank you, Famah

      1. Famah

        Got it. Thank you. I just finished one on my train ride into NYC. It took about 1 hour. I love it. On my way to Purl Soho and will likely buy more yarn to make another.

  2. Lauren-The Knitting Nest

    Hey Kate – Love your necklace pattern! I’m a shop owner in Lake Tahoe, NV and just started carrying Knit Collage. I did the same thing as you – immediately put the yarn around my neck :) I’ve been trying to whip up a pattern to give customers when they buy this yarn. Is ok to print up a few copies of your pattern/blog site and hand out for free?? Hopefully it brings you business as well?? Let me know and as always – Happy Knitting!!!


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