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Photography by Sara Parker
Shoot location: the historical and beautiful
Robert Mills House in Columbia, SC

I’ve been working on a new booklet pretty much since I came up with my Math for Hats course idea last year.  I’ve now taught the course online several times, and also traveled to a few different shops to teach it. (Speaking of which, I’m headed to FL next week to teach the workshop at A Good Yarn Sarasota, sign up for the course or come for the trunk show!) Everyone has seemed so nice and positive that either they are lying to me, or there is some useful stuff included :) I’m so excited that its coming together now.

The book is now available and you can buy your copy for $16! Click on any of the photos or “buy now” links to do it. Here’s the intro…tweaked a bit from my course description:

Whether you’re a knitter who’d like to know the secrets behind hat sizing to better understand patterns you’re working on, or one who aspires to knit a hat up from scratch, this book will walk you through the aspects to consider. You’ll learn how to translate gauge into stitch count, how to create hats of different shape and even how to estimate yardage for your project. And even if you aren’t in it for the math, you’ll learn tricks and tidbits to help your finished projects look even better. This booklet includes the Adventure Hat pattern which guides you through infinite possibilities.

Sections of the book include: gauge, construction & additions, sizing, ease, shaping, fabric, fiber content, gauge & yardage worksheets, and of course the Adventure Hat pattern.  There are technical illustrations and a tutorial on swatching in the round. The sizing section includes suggested head measurements that were originally collected and very unique, as well as the standard circumference averages. The gauge & yardage worksheets are really fun and really easy!  Just plug in your numbers and go. Here’s an idea of the color-coded joy :)

Talk of math might make you feel a little intimidated, or it might make you think that this book is a “design” book for advanced knitters.  I would definitely say this is not the case!  Sure, this is a handy reference tool for those who want to design their own hat patterns.  But, like the description says, its just as suitable and useful for someone who enjoys knitting hats and wants to make the most out of each and every project.  Its equally suitable for beginning and expert knitters!   Caedmon agrees as he rests his haunches on the almost 200 year old bricks at Robert Mills House (locals, this place is totally worth a tour, I’m going back!):

Now let me tell you a little bit about the Adventure Hat pattern.  Technically its only one pattern, but the options are endless.  The format is inspired by those books that allow you to make your own path and have a variety of different endings.  So here, I give directions for three different brims, three different body styles, and four different crown shapings!  Fun, huh? And guess what?  You can use the gauge worksheet in the book to make this pattern work for ANY weight & gauge of yarn that you’d like.  Add color and embellishments to your hat and you’ll be all set.  Hmmm.  In fact, perhaps this was a bad idea…you may never need to buy another hat pattern from me again if you get too carried away with the Adventure Hat!

Another really neat thing about the book is that it includes little notes and explanations that link the “math” sections together. For example, throughout the Adventure Hat, there are notes linking the pattern steps to the gauge worksheet.

Some stats: The book is 24 pages.  It’s the same style of booklet as Topped for a Year, which means its got nice full color cardstock covers.  It’s full of bright and vibrant colors throughout too.  Jill of Knitterella did the graphic design and  she has done such a great job interpreting my style preferences, funky and a little modern but not over the top. I knew of her first through Never Not Knitting (yeah…those gorgeous pieces of art, I mean knitting patterns, are Jill’s graphic handiwork!)  Jill’s no stranger to hats and even designed an adorable slouch recently. You can also visit her website for freelance graphic work!

So go ahead, buy the book right nowNext time I teach the Math for Hats course, at your local yarn store or online, you won’t have to buy the book along with your course fees! Just $16 for this wealth of knowledge.

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  1. Patty Pierce

    Hi Kate, I am very excited about the Math for Hats Books. I purchased it on Sunday and received my PDF file today. It is beautiful. Did I understand that it comes in book form also? I am not real excited about printing out the 24 pages of beautiful pictures. Please advise.


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