pattern overload

Photography by Sara Parker

Last week I released two brand new patterns, one of which features 2 different projects and the other features my new nephew in a unique cozy! I hope his mommy will continue lending him to me for some pictures, he performed admirably :) 4 lucky mailing list winners will receive one of these patterns for free, in just a few minutes. Your names are already drawn. Thank you for supporting Tot Toppers by being on my list! I also re-released several patterns that were previously available through KnitPicks.  Now, these patterns have been tweaked and sorted and added to my own pattern lines.

Since it came first, I’ll start with Hansel & Gretel.  This pattern includes an romper pattern that is sort of a cross between a overalls and bloomers.  It also includes directions for a sweet little dress.

Both pieces are worked the same in the beginning, top down, so bib first.  Directions for the dress & bloomeralls split after the section around the bum is worked.  The bloomeralls are a little bit more work, since the legs are full length. The extra-long cuffs feature the same ribbing that is worked on the chest.

The yarn just makes this pattern pop, don’t you think? You’re looking at Anzula For Better or Worsted. First off, the colors available in this yarn are just insane!  So many!  Second, its machine washable wool.  And its really really soft.  Definitely give this yarn a try if you haven’t already.

The straps for both pieces are also worked the same.  They are actually worked horizontally which looks really cute with the ribbing.  Also, the back ends are shaped diagonally so that they fit nicely on the back waist at an angle that works for the criss-cross. You can click here, or on any of the pictures above, to read all the details about Hansel & Gretel and snap up the pattern for your knitting library!

I actually had intended on holding off on this next one until today, but got a little excited and went ahead and made it available last Friday.  Here is my nephew Silas in SnuggleBug Car Seat Cozy.

You can tell that this pattern is original and unique I hope.  As far as I know, there isn’t another pattern out there like it.  Despite the VERY warm weather at this photo shoot (pretty sure we were darn near 100 degrees), Silas was quite cozy. Here’s how it works:

And let me share a little about the construction.  You will begin at the bottom of the leg (and make two), after working the legs, you will join to work in the round for a short while, and then you’ll split and work the front and “back” separately. The back is what ultimately forms the wings that come around to swaddle the baby. And of course it had to have a cute little matching hat.  Interestingly, this is my first ever top down hat design.  It worked perfectly this way because of the i-cord edging which is done during the bind-off.

I-cord edging accents the whole SnuggleBug and the cute little buttons I used were at a shop called WildFiber (if you’re desperate for these buttons, which they also had in orange, give them a call!).  I did a small trunk show there back in early May and happened to be finishing up this design.  I saw them and snapped them right up, I am pretty sure they are Lantern Moon buttons.

Click on any of these precious photos to view all the info about SnuggleBug! Think how popular you’ll be at baby showers once you start showing up with this one :)

Are you in cuteness overload yet? But wait, there’s more!  A few weeks ago, the new Petite Purls issue came out. I was at TNNA (another blog post to come, eventually…) and so didn’t have a chance to do a timely post.  I did something very different for this issue and designed my first “toy”!  Here’s my little market basket and market goodies to fill it.

You can knit each if not all of these little veggies in just an hour or two.  I had fun including finishing details like “seams” down the side of the onions, and “spikes” on the bottom of my red pepper.  There are even little prickly’s on the cucumber.  You’ll have to check out the pattern to see all of the surprises.

I won’t go through all the detail of these last patterns, since after all many of you have seen them before, but here’s just a snapshot (click for full pattern info) of the re-releases.

And just think, this is just the beginning of what’s new for this coming fall. Much more is in store. Keep me bookmarked.  Oh–and you’ll want to join the mailing list to get a shot a winning a free pattern with each new release.


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  1. Amanda

    I am in love with that Snugglebug! You’re right — that would be a perfect baby gift. And I love giving knitted baby gifts! :) What a great idea. (I love the colours you used, too. They really pop.)

  2. Lyne

    My friend’s baby was diagnosed in vitro with club feet. I’ve been racking my brains for something I could make for him. It’s little cosy will cover the casts that he will have on following his surgery. Thank you so much!


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