Get Woolly With it: Bambeanies

preamble-I have notified the winner of the pixie dust giveaway! That giveaway is now closed.

Dear fellow kid hat lovers–there is a new book in town you simply must take a good look at!

Bambeanies is Woolly’s FOURTH book and I think they are just getting better and better.  Perhaps its because this one is so very much in my knitzone, but it also could be the really adorable kids (including Woolly’s own son).  I do love a cute kid in a fabulous hat!  One of my favorites is Quatra, pictured below.  I love the fun spiky top, and the quirky buttons, and even the zig-zag brim.

I love how Woolly is able to design fresh & unique hats, but not in an overly complicated manner.  Tipper is another favorite (below)!

And for the techniques that are new to you, or seldom used, never fear because the book includes a thorough tips & techniques section, including illustrations.

As part of the blog tour I got the opportunity to ask Woolly some questions.  I decided to go a little bit obscure, but still knitting related.  I made Woolly chose between a series of options and here’s how it turned out. She definitely cheated a little on some of the answers :) Enjoy!

1) Lace, Cables, Texture, or Colorwork
 Anything with texture! I’m a tactile sort, so lace cables or other textured patterns will win me over every time.

2) Black, Brown, Grey or PINK
Hehe – black or grey, every time!

3) Beret, Beanie, Pixie or Slouch
Oooh, all of them? I guess if I had to, this would be my preference: pixie, slouch, beret, beanie. Or perhaps: pixie, beret, slouch, beanie? All Hat styles are the best!

4) Sideways, Bottom-up or Top-down
Always sideways – it’s a construction method that I just love. Then I’d choose bottom up over top down, purely because I prefer the look of decreases for the crown over increases.

5) Even or Odd
Even. I like odd, for the sake of it’s oddness, but when it comes to pattern construction, I like things balanced.

6) Over the ears or on top of them
Over the ears, always. There’s nowt worse than cold ears!

7) Solid or Variegated
Somewhere inbetween? Solids are great for texture, and I use them a lot. Yet I also love to support indie dyers, and as heavily variegated can be quite limiting in terms of design, semi-solids are a winner.

8) Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall
Winter or Fall. Woolly Hat seasons!

9) Sock, Worsted or Bulky
Worsted would always be my preference, though lately I’ve been having fun with finer yarns, including 4ply/sock. 

10) DPNs or Magic Loop
I always seem to get into a bit of a tangle with magic loop! DPNs have always been my preference, yet I’ve moved over to circulars for the body section of a Hat (love me some interchangeables) and for ease of use, I ought to get to grips with magic loop. But until then, it’s DPNs all the way for crown shaping.

To celebrate the launch of the book, Woolly’s going to give one winner a hard copy of the book, and one an electronic copy on Tot Toppers.  To enter the giveaway, simply post a comment on this post telling me why you agree or disagree with one of Woolly’s sentiment’s above. Can’t wait to hear your knitterly preferences. I will draw two winners randomly next Monday! Good luck.

Winners have been chosen and the giveaway is closed!  No run off and purchase your copy if you weren’t one of them :)

23 responses to “Get Woolly With it: Bambeanies

  1. Anna

    I actually mostly agree. I like magic loop, but I have a hard time with ladders, I just have more sizes of circulars than dpns. And I would always put slouch first. They’re good for covering a bad hair day, but then again my hat knitting repertoire is a little limited.

  2. ilina

    I love these cute hats and I’d love to knit some for The Wee One!
    I agree with over the ears (gotta keep them toasty warm) but I have to disagree with the colour choice – I’ll choose pink every time.

  3. Jane

    Love to make hats!! Fine yarns are nice, but slower….chunky with texture are great for photos!! Love pink, but not a practical choice with 5 grandsons!! Yes, bottom up with circular needle and magic loop it to the end….only 1 needle used!! Haven’t done sideways construction, but looks like fun…can’t wait to try it!

  4. Erin L

    As I was knitting a WW hat this morning, I was thinking that I need to figure out magic loop. I’m currently working crown decreases, and for whatever reason, purling on the DPNs is feeling super awkward. Also, while I like the versatility of a lighter weight yarn, worsted or bulky just knits a warmer hat. My fingering hats tend to be indoor hats when I’m not ready to turn the heat on.

  5. Angela S

    Love me some Magic Looping.. I get clumsy with DPN and always end of dropping one. Depending on the detail of the hat I love varigated yarns that are kettled dyed or dyed for self striping.

  6. blogiete

    Love to make these cute hats!!!
    I like dpns !
    I agrre that worsted yarns are better for winter or fall hats.
    But I have to disagree with the colour choice … i love bright and colorful hats for kids ( pink, yelow, blue and … )

  7. Victoria

    Love using DPN’s and all sizes of yarn there are so many different patterns out there. I like bottoum up verses top down but haven’t tried sideways construction ….yet.

  8. kalila

    I mostly take sockyarn to knit the hats for my little one, there are so many skeins in my stash… My son will get hats as a present for his 45th birthday in 2055.

  9. Megan

    I prefer bottom up hat knitting because no matter how hard I try, I always bind off too tightly =o/ Thanks for the opportunity to win! Megan

  10. meppybn

    Definitely magic loop for everything small in the round :) and PINK too as well as black and gray :) :) What a great selection of patterns and will definitely go on my book list, (if I don;t win :()


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