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Coastal Knits is Here.

Its not my first post about Coastal Knits but it is the first time I’ve had the book in my possession!  I am a lucky lady to be among the first in the CK blog tour, and to have gotten a review copy of this stunning collection. The designers & publishers behind this book are Hannah Fettig and Alana Dakos aka KnitBot & NeverNotKnitting. Their collective style and creativity are perfectly complimentary and have resulted in the kind of book you want to have around even if you never have time to knit from it because its just so pretty. But really, you should MAKE TIME to knit from it.  I can’t help you figure out where to start–my advice is to open to a random page and just begin.  You can’t go wrong.

I love the inspiration behind the book too–the “coastal” element incorporating both designer’s respective environments.  You’ll learn a little bit about each author before the book delves into projects, then there are more specific introductions to each design that draw in the personalities responsible for them.  Alana & Hannah were even able to incorporate locally produced yarns!

I knit up both the Rocky Coast Cardigan & the Cambrian Cowl.  I also have plans to knit the Sand & Sea Shawlette as a Christmas Present!  The Cowl was so cute and fast to knit up.  I have never knit a cowl before and this one really suited me. (hint hint, great for holiday gifting!) I also love when buttons are a feature because it means you can really personalize it and make it look different even if you knit it more than once.

Okay and though I’ve talked about it before, in case you missed it, here’s another look at my Rocky Coast Cardi.  I did shorten the sleeves a bit since I live in the Deep South and its still 90 degrees daily…I wanted more wear out of it through the year. I’ve linked the pic to my Ravelry project if you’re interested in the details.

I decided to ask a few off-the-wall questions of these women for a quick interview.  I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know their quirky side as they indulged me by answering :)  Alana & Hannah also answered a bunch of questions on the latest NeverNotKnitting Podcast episode if you want to learn even more.

Q:  What is the latest you stayed up working on this book?

Hannah: I’m almost positive Alana beat me on this, but I didn’t go to bed before midnight for most of this project.  I have a toddler, so night time = work time!

Alana: I remember one night actually getting out of bed at 3am and working until 5am on it. I was so stressed about it, that I couldn’t sleep!

Q: What food made you most productive? 

Alana: I’m pregnant.. so any type of food is welcome right now. I did eat a lot of crackers and cheese during this project because I was too busy to make something more complicated. :)

Hannah: COFFEE

Q: Is there anything in particular (food, a song, a tv show you watched in the background) that will be a reminder of this book process for years to come? 

Alana: I think that the one thing that will be forever linked to Coastal Knits in my mind is this pregnancy. That’s all I’ve been doing since I found out I was pregnant! I feel like our little one will always be thought of as “The Coastal Knits Baby”.

Q: Approximately how far behind did you get in housework? 

Hannah: Let’s just say that no visitors been allowed upstairs in our house for 9 months.

Alana: To the point where I feel I will never catch up! I’ll spare you the ugly details..

Q: Which design was most challenging for you? 

Alana: The Gnarled Oak Cardigan. This was the second adult sweater that I had ever designed and the yoke chart is fairly complex. It was hard to get the stitch counts right when decreasing for the yoke while increasing and decreasing in the stitch pattern itself. It was quite tricky and took more swatching than I care to remember.

Hannah: Rocky Coast – it was challenging to figure out the all over cable pattern from the top down.  Some said it couldn’t be done…but I did it!

Q: Who in your household was most excited for the book to be finished?

Alana: Probably everyone! It’s been a big endeavor and I’m sure that the family is happy to have the book writing over and done with.

Hannah: My husband.  He’s excited about the project and it’s success right out of the gate.  He’s also excited to have me back as part of the family :)

Q: At what point did you feel like you were really going to ever get it completed?

Alana: We had a deadline. There were times where I never thought we would reach it but it all came together in the end. Having the baby due in November gave us a lot of incentive to work hard and get everything in on time. I had this reoccurring nightmare about editing book proofs in the delivery room!

Q: If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?

Hannah: Balsamic Vinaigrette

Alana: Ranch

Q: What was the most surprising thing you learned about each other during this process?

Hannah: Alana has business card sized plastic bags for her business cards.

Alana: Hannah has a morbid fear of scrapbooks. :)

Q: Inspired for your next collection yet?

Alana: Oh boy.. I think I’ll need some time before I can answer that one.

Hannah: Can we answer this one in a few months?  And breath. :)


Get Your Copy

See?  Told you that would be fun!  But, even more fun is that these ladies are giving away a signed copy of the book to one of you.  Hooray! Now that I think about it I should have made them sign my copy :) Simple rule to enter this giveaway. Post only ONE comment.  Cross your fingers, and I’ll draw a winner sometime Wednesday, probably later in the day.  Its a quick one because I’m getting ready to head out to SAFF on Thursday morning. And if you don’t happen to be lucky here on my blog, keep following the blog tour because I have a feeling there will be other opportunities!  Here’s the blog tour schedule:

Coastal Knits Blog Tour
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Monday, October 17 – Kate Oates of Tot Toppers
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Wednesday, October 26 – Kelbourne Woolens, distributors of The Fibre Company
Friday, October 28 – Allegra Wermuth, of Petite Purls
Monday, October 31 – Susan B. Anderson
Wednesday, November 2 – Carrie Bostick Hoge, of Maddermade and Quince & Co.
Friday, November 4 – Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic
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