Classic Woolly Toppers

 all images shared with permission from Woolly Wormhead

Fellow Hat Knitting Lovers: If you haven’t heard about Woolly’s new book, then climb out of your hole! Today I want to show it to you, and give away a copy :)

This is the third book of Woolly Wormhead’s that I’ve been lucky enough to review and as usual, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it. First here’s a little introduction.

“Classic Woolly Toppers, Woolly Wormhead’s latest publication presents 10 timeless Hat styles, redesigned for the modern knitter. With Woolly’s established formula of unique design and commitment to enriching the knitting experience, this collection explores familiar shapes and offers new ideas in technique, construction and stitch combinations. Woolly Wormhead celebrates her love of Hats with all their individuality and personality in a collection that combines traditional hat design with innovative technique. Presented with both written and charted instructions, each pattern offers a range of sizes to choose from and schematics to demonstrate unusual construction. Classic Woolly Toppers offers each knitter not only the perfect Hat to add flair to their wardrobe but also the perfect technique to add flair to their knitting.”

You can snag your copy by way of Woolly’s website, 17$ for a print edition, and 15$ for digital. 

So when I dove into the book, I immediately had a favorite.  This hat calls to me. I want it.  It is doubtful that I shall have it but OH HOW I WANT IT.  Meet Ravine.

I love how sophisticated the style is, but how simple the concept. All you’ll need to whip this up is 79 [101, 125, 152, 182] yd/72 [93, 114, 139, 166] m DK weight yarn.  To fit size: 16 [18, 20, 22, 24] in/ 40.75 [45.75, 51, 56, 61] cm which is approximately infant [toddler, child, adult small, adult large]-ish.  That’s my interpretation of the sizing by the way, hence the “ish.” You should refer to her finished measurements when choosing your size!

This hat is constructed brim first, then the brim overlap is created with a little manipulating and stitchery, and then the body is worked bottom-up. The brim is written row by row so it is a really friendly pattern where which Woolly is taking great care of you. Apparently this pattern got tossed back and forth in between her & the tech editors a few times, figuring out how to keep the stitching looking pretty on the brim.  Check out this sneak peek from her notebook!

Woolly’s hard work here is unsurprising, as she generally takes good care of her knitters :) Point also shown in the reference section of the book. She uses graphics and text to go through several techniques like short rows and a variety of cast ons.  You needn’t be afraid to try something new!  The end of the book also contains a “style” page where Woolly gives you tips on how to pick a hat for your face shape.  How fun is that? It is like she is saying “Don’t look like a dweeb, pick a hat that compliments you!” Just kidding, Woolly would never say that, she is way too nice.

Woolly’s books always include a good range of sizes and this one is no exception.  Ravine-my-favorite includes baby through adult.  But I think it still might be handy to have your own copy of Math for Hats along with Woolly’s book because that will give you the tools you need if you decide you want to adjust for a new gauge in one of the patterns, or add a size, etc. So one lucky winner will get both a digital copy of Classic Woolly Toppers AND Math for Hats.  

But how shall I choose a winner. Well, I have thought long and hard on this and here it goes. As I’ve gotten to know Woolly both online and now even a couple times in person, its become apparent that SHE LOVES PINK.  I mean, this woman would deck herself head to toe in bubblegum if allowed.  So what I want you to do is find an image of something super pink and tweet it including @woollywormhead and the tag #woollylovespink.  Then come back here and post your name and ravelryID so that I can contact you if you are the winner. (Make sure there is also a way for me to connect your tweet to your comment as well). If you don’t tweet, it only takes a second to set up an account and then you can delete it after if you want.  Sorry, but I can’t have everyone clogging Woolly’s inbox with photos of pink outfits so I’m going to have to keep the contest twitter based!  I’ll take entries through next Wednesday, September 26.

(Ok I’m teasing, Woolly is not a fan of pink…which is why this is fun)

I am right in the middle of the blog tour, next stop is Jean Moss’ blog, More Yarn Will Do The Trick. The lovely Carol Feller posted before me and I love her son’s recap of his knitting process for one of Woolly’s hats!


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    1. Georgina Obenschain

      I believe I have found an error in the Master Charles Sweater pattern and wanted to know how to notify you so you could put out an errata sheet on it? After ripping it out 6 times I finally did the math and figured it out. Wish I had done the math first.

      1. Kate

        My e-mail address is printed on your pattern. Please e-mail me and I’ll be happy to figure out what’s going on! Errata in my patterns are rare as they are very thoroughly edited, but on occasion they do come up.


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