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It is my pleasure to once again, interrupt my non-blogging schedule to bring your attention to a new knitting book! Introducing Katya Frankel’s Boys’ Knits.

This one is particularly near and dear to my own cause: knitting for boys. I won’t go into detail as to why this book is a great addition, as I’ve ranted and raved plenty in the past about how much we need more designs for boys.  Instead, I’ll give you an overview of my favorite book features and design particulars.


1) The age range. I love this.  All sweaters go from size 4-14. Pretty much once you hit a 14, you’re talking men’s sweaters so this is a perfect stopping point. Well done Katya!

2) Sizing adjustment tips. This book offers you a little advice as to how you can make adjustments to fit your young man. This is a must–you’d be surprised at how making an adjustment in the wrong place can really get things out of whack.  So don’t skip reading this part!

3) Zippers. Yeah, its just a few lines, but I love that there is instruction on how to set in a zipper.

4) A few other techniques. Short rows, swatching in-the-round(SO IMPORTANT, KNITTERS), etc.  This is handy stuff.


There are a lot of them and they are a great range of style.  Cardigans to vests to pullovers and using a variety of knitting skills too such as cabling, colorwork, texture.  You’ll have your favorites and I’ve got mine!  Here is the down low on the two pieces that really spoke to me.  They both features gorgeous cable patterns.  What can I say? I’m in a mood. I think its because its fall.

Eldon.  This vest is worked pretty typically in bottom-up fashion.  In-the-round until the armhole, at which point you will work the front & back separately.  I particularly love how the ribbing and cable hold hands and work nicely together.  Its those kind of details that really speak to me! Also I love a little guy in a v-neck.  There are no seams, and the cable pattern is both written and charted.

Buster.  Once again, seamless & bottom-up, the sweater cables are written & charted. The sleeves are set-in. I’ve worked set-in seamless sleeves top-down, but haven’t head the pleasure of doing them bottom-up. Don’t be scared of set-ins (especially when you don’t have to sew them!), not all sweaters are suited to a raglan decrease and I think this one looks just beautiful with a sleeve cap. And, you get to practice putting in a zipper. My 5 & 3 year old LOVE zipping up their jackets.

Moms of boys, you’ve just got to get this book in your library.  You can purchase it and look more closely  by clicking here. Both print and digital versions are available.

So what is your favorite design in the book? Leave me a comment with your fave and I’ll send one lucky knitter a copy of Katya’s Boys’ Knits.

Congratulations to Andrea B. who has won the copy of the book! 


24 responses to “Boys' Knits

  1. Anne Marie

    I love the classic simplicity of Baley, and I’d love to try Chip as I’ve never attempted a zipper. Would love to win for my 3 sons age 3, 5 & 14.

  2. Amy J

    There are so many perfectly boy patterns! I’m leaning towards Epsilon, although Chip and Ryker aren’t far behing ;)

  3. Victoria

    That Epsilon vest is to die for! I have a 4 year old boy and another boy on the way – I see much knitting for them in my future and these patterns look great.

  4. Carrie

    So hard to pick just one! I love Elden, Denon, Buster and Chip the most. But with 3 boys, I could see myself knitting most of the patterns in the book. ;)


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