Knits for Boys: Q&A + Blog Tour

While you are waiting for your book to arrive, I’d love to answer a few FAQs that I have received about it.

Q) What sizes are included?
A) All of the designs go from 4-12 at least; for most of the sweaters this is 5 sizes. A couple of the accessories include “toddler” sizes also.  If you have an older child (particularly if he happens to be on the slim side), you will find it very simple to modify a lot of these projects up by adding extra length as they are primarily top down. Also, the reference section gets really specific and provides worksheets for sizing adjustments.

Q) Can I buy the patterns online?
A) Yes and no… eventually, the publisher will be putting out an e-book version.  They are hoping to have that available by the end of March, which isn’t too far away.  The patterns are not available individually.

Q) I love this pattern for ME!  Are you going to make it available in an adult size?
A) Maybe? There are a few designs that I really think are suitable but nothing is on the immediate horizon.  I have a lot of new stuff coming out this year for all ages though.  Stay tuned!

Q) I just learned how to knit, will I be able to make this stuff?
A) Oh yes! You will find LOTS of options no matter where you are in your knitting journey.  There are stockinette projects with little fun accents and also a lot of designs that are just knitting and purling.  More adventurous knitters will be inspired by colorwork and cables.  Your knitting skill should not deter you in any way from buying this book.

Q) Are we having a knitalong?
A) You betcha!  And its going to be amazing. We have sponsors with yarn discounts and prizes and you can read all the details here.

And this last one is a comment not a question but I’d like to respond anyway :)

C) “I would totally buy this book if I had boys to knit for!”
A) Yes, this book is geared toward boys.  This is because I am a mother to four boys, and because there are not enough books for them!  However, this book is a book about knitting for kids. I like to think the contribution of the reference section is just as great as the patterns themselves. And let’s be honest, a lot of these designs are totally unisex though you only see them on boys.  I feel very confident in recommending this book to anyone who knits for children, regardless of whether they are boys or girls.

Want to learn more about the book or have a chance to win in it a giveaway? Follow the blog tour!

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  1. Jennifer Hill

    As the Grandmother of two- and three-year-old who loves your patterns, I see lots of knitting to come from that book. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!


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