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November, 25th, 2013


Tot Toppery Newsletter

September, 5th, 2013

I’m officially back from my last ever maternity leave! No really, keep reading.  Its FOR SURE. Absolutely so very much has happened over the last few months even aside from the whole having a baby and adding a kid to our family thing :) You’ll want to read all the way through this post for a special back-to-work promo.

A quick recap of our experience.  Our fourth baby boy, Eliot, was born at 34 weeks plus 1 day via planned cesarean.  I had been diagnosed with suspected Placenta Accreta around the halfway point of my pregnancy and this condition is very risky for mom, so the 34 week date was planned as the happiest medium between maximizing the in-utero benefit for Eliot but also giving me a good shot at a safe delivery.  As it turns out, the date couldn’t have been timed better.  The Accreta had actually developed further to what they call “Increta,” which means that the placenta was grown into the muscle of my uterus. It was right next to my bladder and the doctors said that waiting a few more days might very well have led to a bladder reconstruction for me.  YIKES!  We are so thankful for God’s perfect timing and keeping both Eliot & me safe throughout. I did have a lot of bleeding so in addition to a hysterectomy (which was necessary because the placenta would not detach–see, told ya no more kids) I had 9 units of blood products transfused.  Eliot had a tough time in the beginning.  Despite 2 rounds of steroids prior to his delivery, he needed two doses of surfactant in the NICU and even had to be resuscitated once.  He was underdeveloped for a 34 weeker and that was probably due to my placenta being a little bit faulty from the unfortunate implantation. He was an even 5 lbs which is not too shabby, but given the weights of his older brothers at birth (even accounting for his early delivery), I really thought he would be at least a pound heavier. He spent 8 days on CPAP but aside from the breathing troubles he did SO WELL. He was discharged on July 29 and came home to us at 12 days old. Our NICU staff was wonderful but I have never been so happy to say goodbye to such sweet people. It was just horrible being home without him. He is now 7 weeks old, a week past his due date and growing & nursing very well!

And now Eliot will fulfill his TT duty!  First modeling gig…the three patterns that are new this week.

Zagaround Blanket: This blanket is worked from the center out, in a gorgeous textural chevron pattern. You can make it as small or as large as you like by starting the bind-off whenever it works for you.

Finished, it is shaped in a square.

Favorite Cap & Favorite Blanket: These are two really fun but simple patterns featuring a textural colorblocked striping pattern.

I also decided to whip up a second hat for Charlie in a smaller color palette and I love how that turned out, too!

And that’s the new pattern recap.  You can click on the links to see all the details on each pattern and to purchase your copy from my shop, either in paper or as a download.  I have several other patterns in the works too, like the cute little dino top you might have seen in my before-baby blog post.  Oh and this one. AH. Love it.


By the way, did you know that I now offer hard copies of my patterns on my website? Pretty cool! So if you love having pretty cardstock full color copies of your patterns and you don’t have an LYS stockist, hit me up. Here’s a link to the hard copy section of the shop.  The shop also has my kits and Yarn Love available! So even if you don’t see me at a Retail Show you can partake in these goodies. Super cute project bags, too.

Now for the big announcements!

ONE: A new book is officially underway.  I am working with Stackpole Publishing to put out an incredibly fabulous KNITTING FOR BOYS book.  I am due to finish up my end next summer and then they hope to get the book out Spring 2015.  And, my wonderful photographer is along for the ride! She will be working with me on the book.  I just cannot wait to show you the fun things I have dreamed up. The book is geared at kids ages 4-12.


TWO: I am so excited to tell you about a brand new yarn company that I will be working with as the Creative Director. I will be designing, of course, but also working with other fabulous creative minds as well (if you are an established designer interested in working with our yarn, please get in touch with me!)  This yarn is so absolutely yummy and I am in love with our initial 15-color palette. I have knit several things with it already, though only in the raw undyed color (ahem…did you see the cocoon & hat in Eliot’s newborn photo shoot?).  In just a couple of months you will all be able to see & get your own BIG BAD WOOL.  Just a quick overview-it is 50% alpaca/50%merino and WASHABLE, light worsted weight.  This is THE baby yarn you have been waiting for.  Of course I know you’re all going to love it so much that you won’t be able to stop yourself from using it for adult pieces too, but our focus is babies and those are the designs you’re going to see coming straight from us.

So that’s what’s been going on over here in a nutshell.  Lots and lots!  I will be exhibiting at two more shows this fall, SAFF in Asheville & Stitches East in Hartford, CT.  And yes, Eliot will be there too. Next year will be all about Big Bad Wool and the new book!  For now, I will leave you with one little circe… its that time of year where we celebrate cooler weather coming and knitting primetime! Now through September 15, enjoy 20% off ANY order from the Tot Toppers online shop with the code FALL. 

Baby, baby, baby

July, 4th, 2013

Dear friends,

Its almost time for me to take a little break and meet our new baby!

Hey there baby.

Our little boy, Eliot, will be born on July 17 as long as no emergencies precede this date! Unfortunately, he will be a bit premature and we expect some NICU time :( He will be 34 weeks and 1 day. Of course this is a “late” preemie and so hopefully his NICU time will be short and will have no long term consequences.

I’m still answering e-mails and whatnot as quickly as I can and will try to do so up until July 12. After that, I will be officially taking my maternity leave. It is longer than what I have done in the past because we do expect that life with our little preemie, back & forths to NICU for xx amount of time and THEN coming home and trying to get back to normal will be more of an adjustment for our family than we have experienced before. I am going to try and return to full capacity in time for fall knitting glory, on September 1. However if there are complications for either myself or Eliot I will have to extend that.

What you need to know about that time is that my Ravelry group will remain and hopefully folks can help each other out but I will not be able to provide pattern support by e-mail during that time. I will be trying to put this info EVERYWHERE so no one is surprised by this after purchase.

I’m giving you a little advanced notice so that hopefully, if you do have a pattern in queue that you’re concerned about, you’ll go ahead and get it started so that you can make sure you don’t need me!

FYI, I wrote a (really long!) guest blog post on the complications we have been dealing with if you’re super curious :)

Thanks for all the support and encouragement and prayers! We appreciate them and continue to soak em up.


PS Eliot has already inspired a lot of designing for me…so whenever I am able to come back I should have lots of fun new baby things for you!  Here’s a peek at a handful of things…