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Photo Cred: Erica B. Studio + Design

This time last year, our state was recovering from historic, devastating flooding.  Now, the coastal areas are facing similar, if not worse disaster in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.  Edisto Island is one such coastal area and it makes me so sad thinking about the things there that have been lost.  Our family has vacationed there for the past several summers and one of our traditions was to visit Botany Bay Plantation, which is a wildlife preserve abundant with history.  The photos for three of the designs from Grown were taken on Edisto last summer and a few of of those for the Eli Cardigan were taken at Botany Bay. I’ve heard rumors that the park is now closed indefinitely as the DNR tries to assess the damage of a portion of beach that was already eroding alarmingly. I am hoping this is not the case but haven’t really been able to find a conclusive answer.

OK, sorry for the sad! Movingon, please meet my handsome husband, Ryan.  He is modeling for me for the very first time. Yes, there was bribery involved. Especially considering it was a hot and humid South Carolina summer and I made him put on this gorgeous cabled aran sweater.

Eli Cardigan is the bigger version of Eliot Hoodie & Eliot Zip-Up.  Both designs were named after our youngest child, Eliot, who was very high maintenance in the womb and for his first couple of months out!

The baby version features a sweet hoodie with a tassel and toggle closure; the child’s version is collared with a zipper.

The adult version keeps the closure and neckline but adds extra cables and moves others around a bit. This design is challenging and suitable for experienced knitters.

Like the other sweaters in Grown, the cardigan features raglan, seamless style sleeves.  This one is worked from the bottom-up so that you can set up and establish your cables properly.

The one and only style of zipper I have ever installed is the no-sew zipper. That is what I featured in this design, along with the others that show a zipper in the collection. Instructions are included, of course. I love this method because it is NO PRESSURE.  Since it is all done by knitting the sweater into the zipper, if you mess up all you have to do is rip it out and try again! You won’t ruin your sweater.

When this much work goes into a sweater, the right yarn becomes even more important.  I used Anzula For Better or Worsted, which is a 4-ply merino blend.  It is scrumptiously soft but won’t pill excessively and the little bit of nylon helps it wear. You also have a zillion color choices. Basically, FBOW rocks.


If this is the first time you are hearing about Grown, check out this post from the release for all the details about the book and how you can order your copy! The blog tour is rockin and rollin and there are several giveaways that you can enter.  This week our Scavenger Hunt is underway and it is not too late to jump in.

My friend Krista knit up this sample for me. She did a great job with what is probably the most complex design in the book.  I was not at all surprised since we both share some perfectionist tendencies!  Thank you Krista.

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