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Photo Cred: Erica B. Studio + Design

Here we are at the 7th sweater for review from Grown, the Sidewalk Sweater. I am definitely starting to feel like a broken record, but in case you’re just hearing about the book, check out this post from the release for all the details and how you can order your copy! The blog tour is starting to wind down but a few giveaways remain; all the links have been updated to take you directly to the relevant posts for easy access to more than you will ever need to know about my latest collection.

Sidewalk Sweater is worked in Lorna’s Laces Cloudgate.  I first worked with Cloudgate when I designed the Katy Tunic. It has cozy softness and incredible depth. I love how fast it knits up!  Yarn choice really has a lot to do with the finished style of this design. Cloudgate has just enough of a sheen and color depth to dress this sweater up.  Using something more flat in color, like the Spud & Chloe Outer in the kid’s version, is even more casual.

The inspired children’s design for Sidewalk is the Outdoorsy Sweater from Knits for Boys.  The overall look was definitely maintained, but the adult version also includes instruction for optional waist shaping. The children’s version is also shown with more ease than on my adult model.

The sweater is only shown on a woman but I hope seeing the child’s version on a younger guy helps you to see that this design is definitely unisex.  I suggest 4-6″ of positive ease for a man wearing this sweater and of course you will probably want to skip the waist and hip shaping options.

Here’s the cuff unrolled.  This sweater is super classic and the design is beginner friendly.  There are three sweaters in the book that I think make great “first sweater” projects and this one is probably at the top.

Because of the simplicity of this design, I think it is so interesting that this sweater is the most favorited design from the book on Ravelry! I would have guessed one of the more complex projects would hold that spot.  But then, this sweater is both so very knittable and wearable and the Outdoorsy Sweater was also the most popular design from Knits for Boys.  I really should not be surprised.

Sidewalk is knit from the top-down with raglan style seamless sleeves.  The collar is knit doubled so that it looks great inside and out.  You can crochet the cord like the pattern instructs, or you could buy some twill a la the Brecken Sweater for a more casual look.

Of all the sweaters in the book, this is definitely the quickest knit.  It contains a lot of warmth, but it is not overly bulky and if you layer with a tank, works even with milder winters.  Trust me, I should know!

This was another sweater knit by Linsay (LittleLippyEwe).  That speedy lady!


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