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The warmth from a handknit is multifacted.  First, as a creator, we delight in watching each stitch turn into each row and finally into a garment. Once your project is done, it provides physical warmth amongst the elements.  Shannon and Jane have tapped into the true cozy of knitting with their new book, Within.

The first part of the book is a visual journey through a cold winter day. Beautiful photos are uninterrupted to bring you into a charming story that begins with sunlight smiling into a cup of coffee and concludes by the fire.

The second section includes patterns and more photos of the garments laid flat. These images are so helpful for the details you want to see as a knitter.

There are six patterns in Within (each of the photos here link to Ravelry pattern listing).  You can really knit this entire book.  Jane & Shannon have outdone themselves with the details and have even created a full trailer of the book which I just think is such a lovely and original idea.

You can purchase your copy of Within here, or from your local yarn shop, or you can get the e-book only.  All the print copies of the book include a download code so that you have access to both versions.

Living in a milder climate, this book made me feel like I got a glimpse into real winter!  Although I don’t quite have the same necessity for these cozy garments as some of you might, these patterns are really appealing.  I just wouldn’t have to layer them up quite as much :)

I do have a copy of Within to give away and we are going to play a little game! I have a mini Scavenger Hunt for you to learn a little bit more about the book.  Here’s how you play:

1. E-mail answers to the first 5 questions to contest@tottoppers.com

2. Post your answer to the final question here as a blog comment

3. You can play along all this week and I’ll announce the winner early next. I’ll come back and close the post so if you’re reading this you can still play!  Congratulations to Leah our winner!  The game has come to an end.

This is Jane and Shannon, they are so adorable I had to share this photo! You can join their ongoing knitalong for Within at any time on Ravelry.

And now for the game! Remember, e-mail answers 1-5 to contest@tottoppers.com and post the answer to number 6 as a comment.

Scavenger Hunt Questions

1. How many different yarns are featured in Within?

2. Which design has the most projects on Ravelry (as of 11.21)?

3. How many sizes are available in the Fireside Pullover?

4. When is the knitalong for Within?

5. How much yarn do you need to knit the Entwine Scarf?

6. What special person in your life might you like to knit from Within for this holiday season?


14 responses to “Within // Blog Tour

  1. Livvy

    I would knit something for my Mom. she always likes warm knitted things when she’s in the hospital waiting for her tests :)

  2. Deb Denair

    What special person in your life might you like to knit from Within for this holiday season? My sweet daughter, Mariah

  3. Teri Robinson

    I would like to knit the Entwine Scarf for my sister-in-law. She needs something easy that will keep her warm. She just adopted two precious babies and deserves something special for herself.

  4. Sylvie

    I would knit for my daughter, who I know would be in love with every design in this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sylviemom on Rav

  5. susan fenger

    I’d love to knit Fireside or Hudson for ME. My nephew and DH would also love Fireside, and my sister would love Hudson, but I think ME first.

    Thanks for the giveaway and showcasing another awesome book from Jane and Shannon!


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